about Wim

After years of unwrapping myself I currently work as a coach in business and life. Someone who supports you in your process of life. I don't change you, you change yourself, I am guiding you to return to your true self.

I am smart and curious and able to see through people naturally. I am able to integrate new information and give it back in a coherent upgraded way.
I have strong empathetic skills and have had contacts with different work environments and industries so I relate easily. My skills make me able to quickly adapt and I can easily understand your life situation.

I see it as my duty to help you conquer your personal challenges and to guide you in your process of self-realization. By creating a mirror and using exercises and holding the space you become aware of your true self and at the same time this brings you closer to your true power.

Some tools I might make use of are:
- Emotional integration (Transyst™)
- New Code NLP (John Grinder)
- the inside-out approach (Michael Neill)
- meditation
- spirituality and purpose
- working with dreams (Robert Moss)